Case Studies: Mechanical Process

Sudbury WWTP: Ontario, Canada
Headworks Steps Up to the Challenge of Cavernous Screening
Shahad Temghar Water Treatment Plant
Headworks Installs Two Enormous Mahr Bar Screens in India 
Beltway WWTP: Houston, Texas
First Mahr Bar Screen Installed in the United States - Still Running Strong! 
Greenwood Lakes WRF: Seminole County, Florida
Screenfield Retrofit Saves Greenwood Lakes WRF Time and Money
Borough of Mifflinburg WWTP, Pennsylvania
Dual Stage Screening System (Mahr Bar Screen & Eliminator Band Screen) Safeguards Largest MBRs in Chesapeake Bay
George W. Kuhn Drain: Detroit, Michigan
Headworks Completes One of the Largest Screening Projects in North America
Camrosa WRF: Camarillo, CA
Mahr Bar Screen Solves Odor & Debris Issues at Water Reclamation Facility
Limavady WWTF, Northern Ireland
Mahr  Bar Screens Replace Two-Stage Screening System
Tillman Water Reclamation Plant: Los Angeles, Califonia
Mahr Bar Screens Simplify Maintenance and Increase Tranquility 
East Bank WWTP: New Orleans, Louisiana
Headworks Mahr Bar Screen Survives Hurricane Katrina
Cadiz Street Pump Station: Dallas, Texas
Mahr Bar Screen Handles Conditions Where Other Screens Fail
Ontario, Canada
The Town of Simcoe in Ontario upgrades to a Headworks Bar Screen reducing grease problems, and meeting space and installation time constrictions without a hitch
Caguas, Puerto Rico
Headworks' Mahr Bar Screen is the equipment of choice for the Puerto Rican Sewer Authority's Caguas Wastewater Treatment Plant
Portland, Maine
Step Screen Replaced by Headworks
Disneyworld: Penny's Bay, Hong Kong
Disneyworld Hong Kong Kept Clean by Headworks® Mahr® Bar Screens
WWTP at Carapongo, Peru
Headworks Mahr Bar screen has contributed greatly to the improvement of water quality in Peru
Mill Creek WWTP: Cincinnati, OH
The 65' long Headworks Mahr Bar® Screen Withstands Major Flooding Conditions in Mill Creek WWTP, Cincinnati
Edmonds, WA
Headworks Engineers Develop Quick Fix to Unique Challenge
Greater Lawrence Sanitation District chooses Headworks® Mahr® Bar Screen for Wastewater upgrade
Andover, Massachusetts chooses HeadWorks® Mahr® Bar Screen for Greater Lawrence Sanitary Wastewater upgrade
Norfolk Southern Corporation
Headworks Bar Screen Takes on Railway Yard's Bottle Cap Challenge
City of Canmore, Canada
City of Canmore, Canada upgrades their Headworks
Beto Prison, TX
Small But Powerful Mahr Bar Screen Handles Prison Waste Effectively.
This robust unit has been running for over two years now and the TDCJ is very pleased with its performance.
Kearny, New Jersey
Pumping Station and Hudson County Jail
Southwest Houston, TX
Spiralman Plus in a box at Houston's Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant
Banklick Pump Station: Banklick, PS
Another Headworks Bar Screen Triumph
Pine Bluff, AR
Pine Bluff Pump Station Seeslight at the End of the Tunnel
Amherst, NY
Headworks Bar Screen Handles Hot Spot Flows Near Niagara Falls and Lake Erie
Lindsborg, KS
Lindsborg WWTP is brushed up by a Spiralman


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