"The Mahr® Bar Screen is like having a great employee. It’s reliable, capable and nothing stops it."
Pritpal Singh Jhaj, Maintenance Manager, Tillman Water Reclamation Plant, Los Angeles

"If everything ran like this screen [Mahr Bar Screen], the maintenance department could all go home."
Ed Lozon, Maintenance Manager of the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant in Los Angeles, California

"One of the biggest challenges faced by the plant is the high amounts of grease in the influent. In the past, a grinder was used to manage solids, which exacerbated the grease problem. The installation of the Headworks screen has helped to reduce the amount of grease that had previously overloaded the biological system."
Nathaniel Andres, Contract Administrator for RV Anderson & Associates Ltd.

"Everyone at the plant is happier operating with the new screen. We no longer spend our time cleaning debris scattered around the facility and the flies are almost nonexistent. Although the Headworks Mahr Bar Screen was not the least expensive solution, it eliminated all of the issues created by the previous screen, making it the most fiscally responsible solution in the long run."
Robert Barone, Camrosa WRF Superintendent

"Since their installation, the screens [Mahr Bar Screen] have gone through several storm events without ever jamming. The volume of screenings captured at Limavady is significantly greater than had been previously removed. Additionally, the headloss is considerably less than anticipated. So far, the screens' performance is very good."
Paul Davison, Project Sponsor at Northern Ireland Water regarding an installation at the Limavady Wastewater Treatment Works.

"Compared to other types of bar screens that I have worked with in the past, the rakes on the Headworks Bar Screens are very durable, as the rakes have been able to withstand plenty of harsh solids without breaking."
Mr. LeAndrea Scott, Operations Section Chief of the Beltway WWTP in Houston, Texas

"The screens have functioned very well [at the Piscataway, Maryland plant for the WSSC]. They are well constructed. They've done a nice job for us. The construction is excellent. No problems, no maintenance, except for normal wear."
Dale Belshner, a well known expert in the wastewater industry and Piscataway Group Leader/Plant Superintendent

"The Headworks bar screens are very efficient, reliable, consistent and require minimal maintenance, which is what we always look for in the equipment for our plants."
Israel Almodovar, Manager of Regional Systems for PRASA's Eastern Region which oversees the Caguas WWTP


"The CleanSea® system on board [The Enchantment of the Seas] consistently produces effluent below compliance levels. Since its installation, the wastewater plant has met the requirements of the Alaska state discharge standards, and does so with extremely low operational costs compared to all other wastewater treatment plants currently installed on our fleet of cruise vessels."
Mr. Arnt Mentzoni, Chief Engineer on The Enchantment of the Seas

"Headworks BIO's self-regulating MBBR doesn’t need my staff’s help. It works just as hard as they do."
Andy Bradshaw, Utilities Engineer, Moorhead Wastewater Pollution Control Facility, Moorhead, MN

"We were looking for a wastewater treatment solution that would handle high and fluctuating organic loads. We also wanted it to be easy to operate and maintain. The [Headworks BIO] Activecell system has proven to be the solution we were looking for. With the MBBR process we are not only meeting the effluent mandates, but we are also minimizing operational costs and ensuring consistent treatment performance."
John Prahler, Director of Engineering, Mizkan Americas, Inc.

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