Unlike most screen compactors, the Headworks® Transpactor shaftless spiral conveyor/compactor is a high capacity dewatering device for transporting and compacting screenings material in one unit. A carbon steel shaftless spiral rests in a polyethylene lined stainless steel trough. Solids are fed directly onto the shaftless spiral upstream of the perforated drain section. The spiral moves the screenings through the transport section and optional wash module where a flow of wash water removes organics. The trough transitions into a perforated or wedge wire tube in the press zone to allow for dewatering. An orifice plate provides a restriction to solids discharge therefore increasing compaction. The unit can sit at inclines from 0-25 degrees. The transport section can be lengthened for multiple screen inputs. The Transpactor shaftless spiral conveyor/compactor can be supplied in lengths up to 30'. When an overload is detected the unit automatically shuts down and an alarm is sent.

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Optional Accessories:
May be combined with the optional Bagging Module to make screenings handling easier.

May be combined with the Pulse Wash Module for efficient screenings washing.

  Additional Information:
Great care is taken to design and build outstanding, reliable products using proven, "next generation" technology. The result is the most advanced screening equipment offered in the water and wastewater treatment industry today.

Rest Easy with THE Transpactor’s standard custom features:

  • Capacities as high as 210 ft/hr. (6 m/hr.)
  • Easily adaptable to your screening system
  • Extendable for multiple screen inputs
  • Optional Wash Module removes organics
  • Optional Bagging Module for efficiency and flexibility
  • Optional grinder available for coarse screenings applications

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