Spiralman™ & Spiralman Plus™

The Headworks® Spiralman in-channel screen is a shaftless spiral screen that combines screenings, conveying and compacting in a single reliable unit. The Headworks Spiralman Plus is a unique, patented, double screen with two cooperating screening units to provide extra capacity. 

As the shaftless spiral turns it clears screenings from the perforated sieve and conveys them out of the channel. The Spiral is fitted with a brush in the Sieve Zone to keep the screen clean. The solids continue through the Transport Zone, through the optional Wash Zone and ultimately to the Dewatering Zone prior to discharge. To make maintenance both accessible and easy the entire length of the shaftless spiral screen sits in a U-trough. The Spiral remains the same diameter over its entire length, reducing the potential for blocking. The spiral in the Sieve Zone is bolted to the transport spiral and can easily be removed for brush replacement in a safe and comfortable environment.

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Optional Accessories:
Wash Zone reduces organics in captured solids

Bagging Module captures solids as they are discharged and helps to reduce odor

Bolted Spare Sieve Spiral for quick and easy brush replacement
  Additional Information:
Advanced In-Channel spiral Spiralman Plus™ screen system.

Dual cleaning system provides high flow capacity and redundancy.

Rest Easy with the SPIRALMAN’S standard custom features:

  • Less danger of blocking. The diameter of the sieve and transport spiral are always the same size throughout.
  • Blocking cleared faster and easier with U-trough design. If blocking does occur, it is cleared faster and easier because of the U-trough design of the transport section.
  • Effortless maintenance features. The sieve spiral section of the in-channel screen is bolted to the transport section making maintenance and brush changes easy.
  • Less channel sedimentation in the Spiralman Plus. The design allows for two channel widths. One for dry weather flow and one for wet weather flow.
  • Add-on products to boost efficiency. Any Headworks shaftless spiral screen may be combined with the optional Wash Module and/or Bagging Module.


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