Eliminator™ Band Screen

The Headworks® Eliminator protects sensitive biological systems with very fine openings and by eliminating carry-over and by-pass. The Eliminator is a "Bandscreen" with elements that form a continuous band which travel parallel with the channel wall. The water enters through the center of the screen, passes through the stainless steel sieve elements and exits through the sides of the unit. Screenings are captured by the elements and are carried up to the discharge point where they are removed by the Dual-Surge™ spray header system. The material is discharged into a sluice trough and conveyed for collection and disposal, typically to a screenings washing and dewatering system. 

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Optional Accessories:
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  Headworks is the market leader in screening equipment.

Great care is taken to design and build outstanding, reliable products using proven, "next generation" technology. The result is the most advanced screening equipment offered in the water and wastewater treatment industry today.

Rest Easy with these standard custom features:

  • High efficiency screening. No carryover, since no screening materials can reach the downstream flow.
  • Dual Surge minimizes cleaning efficiency. Headworks Dual Surge system (a dual wash water system) eliminates the need for the maintenance-intensive, costly to replace, rotating brush assembly.
  • Multiplex™ Sealing. A multi-layer system made of stainless steel, HDPE, and rubber components are assembled to create a labyrinth seal between the sieve elements and the frame guaranteeing the highest Screening Capture Ratio (SCR).
  • Reduced danger of channel flooding. High-capacity operating mode available. Reduced need for operator attention.
  • Integrated sluice through. Eliminates the need for conveyors.
  • Excellent odor control. The fully-enclosed screen provides excellent odor control.
  • Resists corrosion. Engineered with durable, stainless steel components.
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