TurboWash™ screenings washer

The TurboWash agitator creates a highly turbulent mixing regiment zone in a channel or tank (similar to the water around a propeller on a motor boat), immediately preceding the screening equipment. Wastewater enters the agitation zone and is heavily mixed. The turbulent zone of influence created by the TurboWash agitator loosens and emulsifies the organic BOD material attached to the screenings allowing the soluble and fine particulate BOD material to pass through the screen openings. Additionally, the screenings device intermittently runs backward, thus pushing retained solids back into the turbulent zones, exposing them to further turbulent actions in order to dislodge the biological particles.

View a video of the TurboWash in action.   

Product Highlights

  • Low maintenance and long lifecycle
  • Over a decade of highly effective proven technology
  • Ease of operation
  • Maximized BOD removal

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The turbulent zone of influence loosens and emulsifies the organic BOD material on screenings.

Optional Equipment

TurboTank, the stand alone washing unit for sluice troughs or larger screenings quantities

Hydraulic Drive Motor


  • Prescreening
  • Postscreening
  • Septage receiving station
  • Enhance or retrofit virtually any existing screen for better BOD removal and emulsification

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