TurboDrum IN™ inclined in-channel drum screen

The TurboDrum IN is installed in a channel at a 35 degree angle. For pressure feed applications, the same unit can also be installed as a self-contained TurboTank™ system. The operation cycle controlled by monitoring differential head loss across the screen is performed by rotating the basket with the process flow entering the internal diameter of the screen and exiting through the screen elements to the outside. The screenings are retained on the internal surface of the screen by paddles fixed longitudinally to the inner screen surface which carries the material to the top where it is sprayed and falls into the receiving hopper. The receiving hopper spiral conveys the screenings material through the optional washing and compaction zone and discharge outlet.

Product Highlights

  • No bypassing as the flow enters inside the drum and exits to the outside
  • 0.25mm - 6mm wedge wire, or 2 - 6mm perforated plate
  • Screenings, conveying, compaction, washing, and bagging is handled in one unit with one motor.
  • Screen sizes are available for flows for up to 4600m3/h (29mgd)
  • All in one system allows for a very low maintenance requirement
  • Optional TurboWash™ for superior screenings washing

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The rotating wedgewire screens have the capacity to handle large flows efficiently, with slot openings from .25 mm to 6 mm.

Optional Equipment

TurboWash™ agitator can be added to the influent opening of the TurboDrum IN creating a highly turbulent mixing regime. The turbulent zone of influence created by the TurboWash™ agitator loosens and emulsifies the organic BOD material attached to the screenings allowing the soluble and fine particulate BOD material to pass through the screen openings, providing a compact, efficient piece of equipment.


  • Smaller to medium sized wastewater treatment plants
  • A fine screen in front of membrane systems
  • Scum screening
  • Water treatment plants
  • Industrial wastewater plants

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