Tertiary filtration

Municipal Wastewater Treatment is experiencing tremendous change with effluent discharge permits requiring higher levels of advanced treatment, including tertiary filtration. The Headworks BIO GSF, Gravity Sand Filter, is an upflow, continuous backwash, granular media filter that efficiently removes suspended and colloidal solids while providing a continuous supply of filtered water. The GSF is available in various circular and rectangular models for different flows and applications and is Title 22 Reuse Water certified.

How it Works

Cutaway diagram illustrating tertiary filtration through Gravity Sand Filter
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The Headworks BIO GSF can be installed in both municipal and industrial applications, such as:

  • Water Reuse
  • Phosphorus Removal
  • Surface Water
  • and much more


  • Continuous Operation
  • No Internal Moving Parts
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Single Media
  • High Loading Capacities
  • Continuous Backwash

For tertiary filtration and other applications, the Gravity Sand Filter offers advanced wastewater treatment options.

Sand Filter Video Demo

Click to see video of Gravity Sand Filter model in action


More Information

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Biological Processes

Installation of tertiary filtration system in Texas
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Distribution box of tertiary filtration system
Distribution Box.
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Close-up of continuous back flushing washbox in tertiary filtration system
Continuous Back Flushing Washbox
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