Modular HIT System

The HIT System is expandable, dependable, and simple to operate. Built to ISO container specifications, this modular wastewater treatment system is also easily transportable. Headworks BIO designs systems to meet a variety of effluent quality requirements.

The HIT System offers a smarter way to treat wastewater for reuse for smaller communities and industries. It provides a complete modular wastewater treatment solution with screening, grit removal, MBBR or IFAS treatment, clarification, tertiary filtration, and disinfection.

The MBBR process makes the HIT Systems easy to operate, without a high level of intervention needed to maintain process balance. Self-regulating, compact, and efficient HIT Systems meet a variety of effluent quality requirements. And at any given time, they can be expanded to meet new discharge requirements or increasing flow rates.

The drawings on the right offer a few modular wastewater treatment system examples used to achieve biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and nitrification.


Small Footprint
Operator Friendly
Rapidly Deployed
Reuse Water is Achievable


Existing Plant Expansion
Construction Sites
Residential Communities
Office Buildings
Hotels & Resorts
Labor & Military Camps



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Modular Options For HIT Systems

Modular wastewater treatment system for BOD reduction only
BOD Reduction Only
Modular wastewater treatment system for BOD and nitrification
BOD & Nitrification
Modular wastewater treatment system for nutrient removal
Nutrient Removal 


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