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Headworks BIO Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technology is the ideal solution for institutions and commercial developments requiring high-rate, reliable, and economic wastewater treatment systems.

Commercial facilities such as hotels, resorts, golf courses, and shopping centers have relied on MBBR technology for over a decade. Employing proven biological treatment processes achieved within compact system designs, MBBR systems deliver exceptional organic biodegradation performance, ammonia and nitrogen reduction. MBBR technology is ideal for commercial facilities and developments that require on-site wastewater treatment with automated operation, economic operating costs, and resilient process performance.

MBBR is also an ideal technology for institutional facilities such as schools, hospitals, and penitentiaries that require advanced wastewater treatment on-site with minimal operating costs, automated operation, and high-rate biodegradation of wastewater organics. Typically, institutions generate a larger volume of wastewater that is lower in organic concentration than commercial wastewater streams.

However, many institutions generate wastewater having exceptionally high concentrations of ammonia nitrogen compared to commercial wastewater. Another challenging aspect at these facilities is the erratic changes in wastewater volume generated, causing cyclical peak flow conditions on wastewater treatment processes. Resilient to process fluctuations and designed for automated operation, Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor technology delivers highly efficient water process capabilities optimized for the unique requirements of reliable operation on-site at institutional facilities.

MBBR biofilm carriers establish a high-density population of bacteria within the process; this bacteria naturally oxidizes organic wastewater constituents, reliably biodegrading target constituents from process wastewater streams prior to discharge.

MBBR on-site wastewater process systems offer several unique advantages:

  • Compact design offering excellent land-use or facility-space efficiency
  • Resilient biofilm carrier process is highly resistant to influent fluctuations
  • Operator friendly
  • Process optimization prior to install via computer assisted process modeling
  • Economically meets application-specific effluent discharge requirements

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Headworks BIO provides MBBR on-site wastewater solutions for commercial and institutional installations.
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