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Headworks BIO is a global leader for environmental wastewater process technology within the marine industry. The DNV certified CleanSea® turnkey wastewater treatment process enables cruise vessels and ferry fleets to economically meet stringent discharge regulations throughout the world.

Major cruise lines rely on the CleanSea® technology to operate within environmentally sensitive coastal regions, including Alaska State, which has the toughest marine discharge standards in the world. With CleanSea® systems reliably exceeding strict Alaska State discharge requirements, Headworks BIO's cruise industry customers can maintain focus on their core business, secure in the knowledge that the environmental impact of their operations is economically minimized. View a list of CleanSea installations at sea.

BC Ferry Services, Ltd. operates the largest and most sophisticated ferry fleet in the world, with ten CleanSea® Oxidation compact shipboard wastewater treatment systems in service. This large ferry system relies on CleanSea® oxidation technology to reliably discharge, safe and disinfected water within environmentally sensitive coastal regions of British Columbia, Canada. 

Incorporating marine industry-proven components and Headworks BIO patented processes, CleanSea® technology delivers environmental capabilities specifically designed to meet the tough requirements necessitated for reliable, long-term shipboard operation. Every CleanSea® system is optimized for customized application within site-specific shipboard layouts, ensuring optimum functionality within space constrained areas of every CleanSea® equipped vessel. 

CleanSea® technology is equipped to efficiently treat any blend of marine wastewater streams including grey water streams from accommodation, galley, food reject water, and laundry sources as well as black water.

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technology is the biological core of the CleanSea® process. The multi-stage MBBR process achieves high-rate biodegradation of organic matter within a compact, economically operated system. MBBR biofilm carriers establish a high-density population of bacteria within the process; this bacteria naturally oxidizes organic wastewater constituents, reliably biodegrading target constituents from process wastewater streams prior to discharge. This unique technology enables biodegradation within a highly compact shipboard design that optimized for reliable IMO type certified operation.

Case Study

Oasis of the Seas
CleanSea® System Treats All Black, Grey, Galley, and Laundry Wastewater Onboard the Largest Cruise Ship in the World

CleanSea® wastewater process systems offer several unique advantages to the marine industry:

  • Meets Alaska discharge standards and Baltic area limits
  • Minimal polymer consumption, no coagulant usage
  • Lowest lifecycle costs in the industry
  • Integrated nutrients removal (optional)
  • Automated operation with remote monitoring
  • Modular and compact design suitable for retrofit


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Headworks BIO’s CleanSea® technology offers MBBR wastewater treatment solutions for the marine industry

CleanSea system is certified to MEPC 159(55) rules by Der Norske Veritas
The CleanSea® System is certified to MEPC 159(55) rules by Der Norske Veritas.
CleanSea shipboard wastewater treatment system is certified to MEPC 159(55) rules by Der Norske Veritas

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines received the coveted Clean Ship Award in 2009 in recognition of their superior efforts to limit discharge from ship to sea. Headworks BIO installed the largest AWP system onboard the Oasis of the Seas to support this mission.
Headworks BIO’s CleanSea wastewater treatment performs on the Oasis of the Seas
Headworks BIO's CleanSea® shipboard wastewater treatment system is onboard the Oasis of the Seas - the largest passenger ship in the world!
CleanSea system with MBBR treatment capability, installed on ship hull
The CleanSea® system installed on the ship's hull diring ship building. The biological treatment basins are located in the far corner of the block.
ActiveCell media supports biofilm growth, used in MBBR/IFAS portion of CleanSea system for marine industry
A close up view of ActiveCell media that support biofilm growth.
RCCL Enchantment of the Seas sets sail with CleanSea MBBR on board
RCCL Enchantment of the Seas is equipped with CleanSea®
CleanSea system with MBBR is installed on Celebrity Cruise Summit
Celebrity Cruise Summit is equipped with CleanSea®

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