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Headworks BIO has over ten years of experience solving demanding wastewater challenges for clients in a range of specialized chemical industry applications.

MBBR technologies have been installed at chemical processing facilities around the world for major Fortune 500 companies producing petrochemicals, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers, paints, and oleochemicals. This breadth of experience has enabled Headworks BIO to understand the unique environmental challenges and regulatory requirements of a diverse range of chemical industry installations.

Wastewater generated from chemical manufacturing processes is subject to stringent regulatory discharge requirements and is often difficult to treat using conventional processes. The solution for many facilities requiring advanced biological treatment, is Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor technology. Using Headworks BIO biofilm carrier technology, MBBR establishes a high-density population of bacteria within a compact biological wastewater treatment process, reliably biodegrading target organics in the wastewater stream for economic reduction prior to compliant discharge.

Case Studies

IEC met stringent effluent discharge limits by retrofitting stock tank into ActiveCell biological reactor
            Inland Empire Paper Company
MBBR Helps Reduce BOD Loading in Paper Plant Effluent


Agnico-Eagle LeRonde Gold Mine treats mining process wastewater efficiently using Headworks Bio's ActiveCell MBBRAgnico-Eagle LeRonde Gold Mine
MBBR Retrofit Provides an Increase in Capacity Without Interupting Mining Operations

MBBR systems offer several unique advantages to facilities in the chemical industry:

  • Compact design offering excellent land-use or facility-space efficiency
  • Resilient biofilm carrier process is highly resistant to influent fluctuations
  • Operator friendly
  • Process optimization prior to install via Headworks BIO testing and computer modeling services
  • Economically meets application-specific effluent discharge requirements


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Headworks BIO offers innovative, customized solutions for the chemical industry.

 MBBR technologies have been installed at chemical processing facilities around the world
Chemical Industries


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