Headworks Inc. Proudly Announces the Addition of a Series of Drum-Type Screens and Static Screens to their Product Line

Introducing the TurboDrumIFTM, TurboDrumINTM, and TurboStatTM

HOUSTON, Texas – May 20, 2009 – The TurboDrum series from Headworks® has been specifically engineered to meet the higher levels of screenings required by modern municipal wastewater facilities. Innovative advances in water treatment such as Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) and Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) processes require higher levels of screenings removal (liquid-solid separation) on the front end. Headworks TurboDrums are a reliable, cost effective way to achieve these removal challenges. "By utilizing wedge wire manufactured by Johnson Screens®, Inc., we can offer proven, high quality screening capacity to the municipal industry at competitive rates." said CEO Michele LaNoue. "And assembly in Texas assures compliance with Buy American requirements."

This equipment is available in a wide range of hydraulic and separation capacities to allow customization for the most effective screening solutions.

The TurboDrumIF - Internally Fed Drum Screen: with screen openings as small as .25mm, is ideally suited for fine liquid-solid separation. TurboDrumIF effectively removes hair, fibers and suspended material from municipal wastewaters, minimizing operation and maintenance costs. This heavy duty drum screen works extremely well when paired with MBR systems, package treatment plants, sludge dewatering, and sludge thickening, with flow capacities up to 2400m3/d (15.2 mgd).

The TurboDrumIN - In-Channel Inclined Drum Screen is designed to be installed in a channel at a 35-degree angle for gravity fed applications. This type of screen is an exceptionally good choice for fine screening in front of MBR systems. This all-in-one system handles flows up to 4600 m3h (29mgd) with minimum maintenance.

TurboStat - Sidehill Static Screen is one of the simplest and most economical methods for solids separation. This screen is best suited for small municipal wastewater plants and various industrial applications. The TurboStat is available in stainless steel or fiberglass and requires only minimal maintenance with flows up to 1,000 gpm.

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