The Headworks Inc. Premieres the Headworks Integrated Treatment [HIT] System WorldWide 

The HITTM System, a compact moving bed biofilm (MBBR) reactor system treats wastewater in a fraction of the footprint of traditional wastewater treatment facilities 

HOUSTON, Texas - May 05, 2009 - Headworks® Inc. proudly premieres its HITTM System, a unique, compact wastewater treatment plant, which offers a proven solution for generating reuse water from wastewater with low investment and operational costs. These fully automatic, modular components set up quickly and easily, with the option of a tertiary process. HITTM Systems use proven, dynamic MBBR technology for generating reuse water while maximizing your Return On Investment. 

Headworks has assembled the most knowledgeable team of experts to develop and perfect this unique system. HITTM is based on Headworks' screening, SF Filter, MBBR biodegradation and DAF separation technologies, which are unique, due to their compact size and performance with respect to their volumetric efficiency. All of these individual technologies have been brought together to incorporate the best from each discipline to achieve the ultimate in compact, modular treatment processes. These technologies are integrally combined with our prefabricated ISO modules, which are suitable for overseas transportation. 

In addition to its small footprint, the HITTM system offers a low 20 year lifecycle cost, and lower energy consumption and start up costs than other alternatives. HITTM System is quick and easy to set up, fully automatic and requires minimal training to operate. 

Sewage treatment in densely populated areas is currently being carried out in large central wastewater treatment plants. Economically, these plants are more viable when treatment capacity can be achieved in the smallest possible catchment area. 

As distances between populated areas increase, so do the costs associated with connecting to the sewer systems. A more economical approach is to install smaller, peripheral systems locally. Additionally, in areas with insufficient water resources, the re-utilization of water can be achieved with our HITTM System. 

Applications for the HITTM System technology include:

    • Water reuse for irrigation

    • Decentralized treatment

    • Small villages

    • Sewer mining for water reuse

    • Work camp WWTP

    • Office buildings

    • Hotel resort WWTP

    • Military camp WWTP

    • Polishing existing treatment

    • Industrial

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